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Why Make Up? - just a theory

We never question but always wonder why. I have done it too, right from the time I learnt all about makeup years back. I, then, started questioning it and somehow ended up with a theory of my own. Not sure if it might be true or not. Let's just say, I want to believe what I strongly feel. And, I am going to share with you all now. Promise me you won't laugh.

Look back at those time when this earth had nothing but only nature. Natural beauty was all around. No heavy structures, no pollution, no competition. Not a thing to stress about. Everyone ate what was available to them in raw form. Everyone lived in the present. No sign of early aging. Humans lived for years and years.

Whatever natural beauty was there around them, could also be seen within them and through them as well. Be it female or male. They all were beautiful.

Faces in shapes so perfect that all we can do is just imagine and envy now. Perfectly lifted cheekbone and well defined jaw line which we only wish to achieve through the contouring and sculpting.

No dark circles as humans followed the sundial time and slept accordingly. Unlike us, who be like an owl the entire night working/enjoying.

The cheeks, pink enough that even a smile would blush up her/his cheeks all naturally. In today's time, we use highlighter on peak points of our face to make it look as if it has a natural glow by itself. Back then, human's skin was clear, well hydrated and most of all glow-y giving us a reason to come up with such products today.

Isn't it something to think about, right?

It's the eyes now. Have you ever wondered, why so much to do with the eyes? Continue reading. It might help you understand the purpose in some way.

Since there was nothing much to worry about than food and survival. Also, with proper sleeping patterns, no dark circles. That means, no dark eye lids which makes the eyes only shaded in a color what we now call as 'bronzed eye look'.

Lashes, naturally thick and long. Only reason I could think of, for Mascara's and curlers. Brows were again thick, fuller and well shaped which, again, brings up the concept of using eyebrow pencils, gel and what not.

Lastly, our lips! How can I forget about it? Nothing is complete without them. Humans had their lips in such shape, both the upper and lower lip were well balanced which resulted into the concept of bold lips/fuller lips.

I can simply go on and on and on about it. It's just my philosophy, my imagination to understand the purpose and need behind using each makeup product/tool. This was probably the foundation or start of WHY. Nevertheless, human evolution will be an ongoing process and all of us should accept it. As we gain consciousness, in the end all that matters is, how we are able to use them in a way to accentuate the natural beauty we have already got. #youmakeup

So now, when one asks me why Makeup? I can't think of anything but this:

It is a tool for our human kind to, first embrace the beauty that naturally exists and then, help intensify them to look our- most beautiful -selves in our own unique ways.
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Nimisha Goel
Nimisha Goel

A slap for all those who say "you don't look good in makeup". It's true we're only trying to accentuate our natural beauty as environment isn't favourable as it was in earlier times and life has become tough!

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