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Inside out - Emotions in Colors

It's easy to get mistaken with some titles. Just like right now. I am not here to explain each and every color that the title intends to. Just another wondering. Whatever we come up with depends on how deep we think of about a particular thing. Be it for a specific reason or generally. Back from the time when makeup career had just started, it was difficult to get a model on board to help get the creativity out. Drawing books was a big help during those times. I could simply sketch and color without any limitation from another living being. Drew/sketched whatever imagination popped up. After gathering a bundle of looks, the eagerness and curiosity to convert them into reality led me to draw on myself. For the first few looks, 3 particular colors were my main go- to colors, without knowing 'why'.

Are we all aware of the fact that every color has its significance and meaning in our life and emotions?

Mere conversations with my sister about the 3 colors I got attracted to, led me to talk to one of her college mate named, Hiten Noonwal (gender-fluid designer and performer) with whom I happened to talk for an hour or so over a phone call despite of the fact that it was our first time. Not really prepared on how to frame my queries to him. However, he somehow understood what I was implying and suggested to go look for meaning of colors and their interpretation in artistic form. Along with it, he went on to help me understand on how I can describe the artwork based on colors and patterns used and there I was, Blown!

Now coming to those colorful artwork one keep seeing on this work profile but never understands what and why. This is for them and everyone else to understand better.

Flow of Emtions
Sketched and painted back in 2017

Imaginations so strong and vivid that it made me get them on paper before I slowly forget. Picking up colors and sketching as and how hands flow, leading to an artwork which most of us call experimental. Not naming or labeling as experiments are done with a curiosity and question in mind whether the intended thing will turn out good. I simply let it out with confidence, without hesitation. Once finished up with a look, sitting back and observing the emotions and thoughts while each part was done, gives a sense of understanding for colors and patterns chosen and drawn.

<Referring to the image on left>

This particular artwork portrays bundle of emotions. When I sketched it, I myself had bundle of emotions running down within me. Happiness(orange), excitement(yellow), love(pink), calmness(blue), grounded(green). Yet had little fear and negative thoughts (black) inside my head. Thus, the reason you see many colors all across the face and just one black line over the forehead and little over the lips.

If looked little more deep,

  • the lips are outlined with black and left blank on the inside, it is to signify that whichever words I choose to speak without any intentions are being misunderstood once out.

  • Similarly, the thick blue line running across throat area stands for positivity inside. Also representing the 5th chakra of a human body.

  • The white colored eyelashes and brows are to represent the innocence I hold in my eyes to look without judgments and prejudice.

  • Lastly, the black turban/head wrap stands for other things I choose not to show. Closed room to many more emotions and feelings.

When looked entire, these all are arrays of emotions shown inside out. And what else would be a better way to show them, than on a human face which itself is very expressive. Painters paint on white canvas. Makeup Artists paint on human faces.

Whatever one may choose to see, it all comes out from our emotions and experiences we've had. Same goes for the colors. They've got emotions too.

We attract to colors we feel inside ourselves in a particular moment. If we feel lively and happy, we pick up outfits in bright/vivid hues like orange/yellow/red/pink. If upset and dull, colors such as grey or black, are the ones we unconsciously choose. { Yes, we all love black and sometimes it has nothing to do with our feelings. It is somewhat true and still not}. Each color comes with a more specific meaning to it. Suppose, a lively and aggressively active human in terms of its work of style, she/he would pick colors as red for the fire within herself/himself that pushes her/him to stand tall and get finished with whatever work comes its way in an excited manner.

Due to our busy schedules, we pay less and less attention to ourselves and simply let go. What we need at the moment is an introspection, to sit back and observe the emotions running down within us that are now easy to understand as we tend to pick and choose colors to which we attract the most.
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Nimisha Goel
Nimisha Goel
Jul 20, 2019

Beautiful description Hita! Amazingly put! ❤


Nidhi Shah
Nidhi Shah
Jun 09, 2019

You've explained everything soo beautifully ❤️

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