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Acne can't beat me

Looking into the mirror and admiring how wonderful it feels with the beauty I have got. Acne, blemishes, wrinkles, pigments, scars and a birthmark for life. I have got it all and they all have become a part of me and my life. I have started unseeing them as if they never existed. I feel flawless even with these flaws. Things are changed. The perception has changed. How I see the world and myself has changed. I am changed.

Everything goes back to the time in 2012 when acne started happening and it took over my face like bees stick to their honeycomb. Realizing oily skins are more prone to acne issues but food was love. Cared less but I cared. Applied all natural remedies to get rid of them. Even some proactive products too. They reduced a bit but not completely. Then a time came when I discovered makeup, about 4 years to be precise. Foundation, concealers and everything else. A vivid memory. Did full makeup for the first time after watching a makeup tutorial online. Dressed myself up for an important occasion. Skin looked clear with everything concealed. I wished on that day to have makeup every time I stepped out. This led me to buy more of drug store products like Maybelline foundation stick.

Makeup gave me the confidence which I kind of needed at that moment considering the acne issues I was dealing with since 2012. It was a new world to me that made me see a clear version of my face after so long. These beauty products gave me that.

A year later, got enrolled for makeup master course. Practicing makeup on different faces and letting my face to be practiced on by other students from the class was a daily routine. At first, I repelled on having anything on my face. Later when the practice sessions got over, makeup on myself was somewhat enjoyable. Full makeup even with birth mark concealed, I liked having it like that. On occasions, such look was a complete satisfaction.

6-7 months passed by. The career took a drastic turn. Makeup became a full time profession. The urge to do creative looks made me to do them on myself. Creating a clean slate for the art work was a must. Full coverage makeup with no sign of any scar or acne or even birth mark. That was the thing for about a year or so.

Little late after, things became easily accessible with social media, that's when I came across artists from around the world doing #naturalmakeup and #nomakeupmakeup looks. This helped me see a completely different side of makeup. How one could make someone look so naturally beautiful even with makeup on. As if the makeup wasn't even there at the first place. Just like magic.

And this is what inspired and pushed me to try it out and see myself how it'd look considering my niche. I couldn't be much happier. My work got a new meaning to it. Things turned out incredibly well. This lead me to go bare with my skin too. Helped me to look at myself with wider mindset. Accept what I already have. Learnt how to love myself just the way I am. These scars doesn't make me loose my confidence anymore. I have let them become a part of me.

It's been almost a year since then. I have learnt to be comfortable in my own skin. It's hard to see them any more now. Even if it's there, I feel it's not.
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1 Comment

Nimisha Goel
Nimisha Goel
Jul 20, 2019

The most beautiful thing about growing up!❤

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